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Dr. Steve Vizzard Phd

Dr. Steve Vizzard 

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Dr. Steve Vizzard is a licensed clinical psychologist with 27 years experience helping people to deal with emotional issues, manage chronic physical problems, as well as grow spiritually.

He received his masters and doctorate in clinical and rehabilitation psychology. For a long time, he was content with status quo psychology. Eventually, however, he became disturbed with the limitations of traditional psychology. During his learning's, he came across the following quote that spoke well to his concerns: "psychology mends, it does not transform".

Since that time, both his work and his studies have focused on discovering the means to help people do more than just solve problems, or lessen pain. He now greatly appreciates working with people who wish to reach deep within themselves, discover their spirit or essences, and then maximize their purpose in life. He finds such work to be fulfilling for both the patient and the therapist.

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