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Book Review by Carol Mariano - Editor

Carol Mariano - This is a keep you on the edge of your seat book.


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The Perfect Storm
"The Perfect Storm"by Sebastian Junger

When I began to read “The Perfect Storm”, I had no idea of the enormity, and depth, of this book! It is one of the most absorbing, terrifying, and “perfect” real-life stories I have ever had the pleasure to read. If you are ready for an adventure that overshadows all else, I challenge you to pick up this book and enter a world that is so absorbing, it's as if naught else matters!

My only experience with any kind of fishing, were the warm, summer days, as a child, that I spent in a rowboat, powered by a Johnson Motor. It would have been a day that I could crawl under the bow of the boat, curl up with my dog, Spotty, a little white terrier, with black spots all over her, talk to my grandparents, and fall asleep to the lapping of the water. We were the best of friends, my grandparents, that terrier, and me.

The Perfect Storm is the direct antithesis of those summer days I once enjoyed.
This book takes you from the tavern-inn, that was occupied by the sailors, and their sturdy, brave women. These women understood the depth, breadth, and power the sea had on their men. They loved/hated this kind of life, one which only time would tell if their men would come home to them, and their little ones.

So, if you are ready for a truly once in a lifetime experience, with these men and these women, and families, I challenge you to read, and allow the awesomely powerful language take you to a time of insecurity, love, adventure, and loss, which makes up “The Perfect Storm”!

This book will keep your heart pounding. Andrea Gail, a commercial fishing boat and her six-man crews' tragic journey on the Atlantic Ocean.

A must to read!

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