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Book Reviewby Carol Mariano - Editor

Carol Mariano - The Hobbit is a classic must read adventure.


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The Hobbit
“The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien

I found "The Hobbit" to be a delightful story, filled with little people with round, happy faces, and furry feet. Now, most hobbits, mind you, are content to live in the village they are raised in. But, Bilbo, well, he was a bit different.

When this wondrous, complex, history is related, it is Bilbo's eleventy-first, 111, birthday party, which, by the way, was visited by young hobbit, and old, alike. Hobbits are a folk, who do so enjoy a party. Especially one, such as, in Bilbo's case, which is a grand adventure!

Now, this adventure began when Bilbo was a relatively young hobbit. And, it happened when a visitor, a wizard, named Gandalf, brought Bilbo, a rather quiet hobbit, an adventure Bilbo found himself to be drawn in, into a world of intrigue, and danger.

Bilbo had a cousin, Frodo, whom he very much enjoyed. As it turned out, Bilbo and Frodo join together, and actually, leave Hobbiton to help Gandalf, an old wizard, find a rare treasure.

In the beginning, as with all hobbits, Gandalf finds Bilbo reluctant to join in this adventure. Bilbo defined adventures as, "Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!" He says this as he is enjoying his pipeful of tobacco.

Now, Gandalf is known for telling wonderful tales of dragons, and giants and goblins, and the rescue of fair princesses, as well. Then, Bilbo, as politely, but as quickly as he dared, for, Gandalf was a wizard, shut the door and prepared himself a snack, for he needed food, after such a fright - that of being invited to go on an adventure. Gandalf, then, penned a rune on Bilbo's door, and quietly left Bilbo to his snack.

The next morning, a blue-bearded dwarf, named Dwalin, makes himself at Bilbo's service.

Now, this is how Bilbo's Great Adventure began!

This story is a delightful mix of magic, fantasy, adventure, and monsters, like Smaug, and Orcs, and friendly, knowledgeable, ancient trees, called "Ents".

If you like fantasy, adventure, and magic, you might, as my husband and I did, read a chapter a night, before sleep, and after the children are tucked in, he reading one night, and she the next. This is an adventure that we have enjoyed together, and with our children, as they grew to an age when they understood what fantasy is.

I truly believe that you will agree, that this is a fine story. It is one that leads to others, in the Trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings”. JRR Tolkein is an author who writes thoroughly engrossing, fun-filled hours of reading, alone or together. I was, and continue to be, enthralled!

One of the most enjoyable reading experiences is the book by J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of “The Hobbit”.

 The story and several subsequent stories are a grand adventure that must be read by all ages.

Fantasy - A Master Piece!! - Great for the whole family!

A must to read!

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