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There's something we can do about the state of our world!

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Stephen Vizzard, Phd.

by Dr. Stephen Vizzard, PHD., P.S.

     The wife of a client of mine recently took a long drive into the mountains. For the sake of convenience, I'll call her Mary. Before her departure, Mary loaded up her prized possessions: a childhood teddy bear and a picture of her deceased mother taken when she was a younger woman. Mary later told her husband that she was extremely depressed and had traveled deep into the mountains with the intention of plunging off some twisting, steep road and killing herself.
     Mary drove for a long time while she tried to screw together the courage to jerk the wheel hard to the right and initiate her release from her sorry life. Before she could muster the "courage" to do so, a very large size tire came off the back of a truck in front of her and bounced down the road in her direction. The tire narrowly missed her. It could have crashed through her windshield and killed her. It could have caused her to swerve and plummet over the steep embankment. Mary ended up stopping and sat there shaking while she thought things over. She ended up concluding that God had caused this as a sign. She then drove home content to be alive.
     Isn't it interesting that Mary almost got what she was asking for? She thought she wanted to die. She intended to drive her pickup truck over the cliff. Some deeper instinct made it hard for her to actually do that. But the energy that she had been putting out almost caused her to do the very thing she had intended. If she had violently swerved to avoid the tire, she would have driven over the cliff. You get what you ask for.
     Or how about Sue? An energetically powerful woman who, when she put her mind to it, could really make things happen. In the time that I'd known her, she'd gone through several periods where she'd stumble around, letting others (especially her family members) use and abuse her, while generally playing the victim. In other words, she inadvertently used her energetic power to make things happen on the negative end of the spectrum. With hard work, Sue managed to shift that energy back into the positive end. Everything then fell into place: her adult kids behaved and stopped leaning on her; her current lover shaped up (or got his walking papers); she found employment and started working on her bills. When she was in the middle of one of these funks, little that I would say or do could make a difference. At least until she made the energetic shift (sometimes with assistance from an energy healer). Then she would be awesome.
     A number of months ago, Sue went into one of her deepest funks ever. She had to be hospitalized in order to prevent self-harm. After she got out, loaded up with medications, she no longer was actively suicidal. However, she informed me that the desire to leave this miserable life still rumbled around in the background. While she couldn't ignore its presence, she lacked the energy or focus to take action on this urge.
     It was not at all surprising that one night, as she was about to crawl into bed, Sue happened to notice she had a bedmate, a brown recluse spider. A bite from such a spider could have killed her. At the minimum, it could have caused a severe infection and even the possible loss of whatever limb received the bite. Sue wanted out of her life and couldn't quite take the steps to do it herself. So nature tried to help. Even if the bite (which fortunately didn't happen) hadn't killed her, it certainly could have added to the litany of negative events that had filled Sue's life since she'd entered the realm of negative thinking. You get what you ask for.
     But sometimes it's not just what we're asking for ourselves that creates realities. Sometimes it has to do with the wishes of those around us. How about Sam, who has prostate cancer? He was holding the line, using alternative approaches until he went on a very disappointing vacation with his wife where she would not allow any type of closeness (especially sexual) to occur. Sam went into a deep funk about this. Little surprise that he started to become symptomatic, went in for another prostate biopsy and was told he definitely had cancer and, worse, that it was relatively virulent.
     At my request Sam was read by a medical intuitive. He was told he could fight the fight effectively through a combination of "traditional" (radioactive pellets implanted) and alternative approaches. However, a shift of focus by the intuitive revealed that his wife had been sexually abused as a child. She (subconsciously) did not want a sexually functioning husband. No surprise that Sam had struggled with impotence for many years. At a level neither of them consciously realized, Sam and his wife were energetically cooperating with making him sexually dysfunctional. Neither did they realize the stakes. They got more than they asked for.
     So how can people work on what they ask for? As a psychologist, I could tell you that therapy might help. But I would also tell you that clarity regarding your energetic requests does not require therapy and that working with therapists who are not energetically oriented may be counter-productive. Many psychologists take the traditional orientation that does not recognize the impact of energy on that which occurs in one's life. The best recommendation that I can make is the following: find, and then practice, a regular meditation that allows you to quiet all the noise, go within and achieve clarity regarding energies and choices that come from deep within. Then refine those choices and put your energetic focus into creating a reality that is wholly of your choosing.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for future article topics, please feel free to contact me

J. Stephen Vizzard, Ph.D.

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